Our film, for Canyon, follows the life of Gena, a young professional from Valencia. She puts pay to the Monday Blues by jumping aboard her Canyon Commuter:ON 7. Her me time. Her traffic-defying, day-inspiring, freedom machine. Not only does Gena’s bike get her from home to work. But it transports her somewhere else too. A place of carefree happiness, a ‘look mum no hands’ roller coaster ride, which enriches her life and the lives of those she comes across along the way. This is not a commute. This is not a regular Monday. This is a Ride UNLTD.
Client Canyon
Location Valencia, Spain
Creative Studio Kin Studio
Director Nik Howe
Cinematographer Alex de Cortada
Creative Director Matt Fee
Art Director Florencia Ojeda
Editor Lukas Joas
Colorist Alex de Cortada
Producer Tef Rubio
Co-Producer Nicole Moerig
Gaffer Nico Alvarez

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